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Miner Edge System

+ 1U Tray with 4 upgradeable Hashing modules.
+ Modular fully upgradeable.
+ Water Cooled. 90% of heat exits the building through the water.
+ All the benefits of immersion cooling without the cost.
+ Can run on 60c water temp, means mining anywhere in the world.
+ Potential for waste heat use for industrial purposes.
+ Standard industrial water pressures means low cost deployment.
+ Each tray needs less than 1psi of water pressure.
+ 2000 to 6400 watts per 1U tray. (2 - 4 power supplies) (can adapt to multiple brands for future proof installation)
+ 1MW of mining hardware in 20 - 42U server racks condensed to one wall drastically reducing electrical and cooling deployment costs.
+ Separate Management card means no need to upgrade management infrastructure when upgrading mining cards.
+ Soft start power up protects electrical grid.
+ Advanced ASIC control for fine tuning efficiency.
+ Time of day power controls for maximum mining during lowest cost power.


miner edge
2541 S IH-35, STE 200
#302 Round Rock TX, 78664-7357